About Satrap Accessories

Satrap became an idea in June of 2016. It all started when I bought a new helmet for racing and I wanted a custom paint job. I called a few places to learn more about it and was about to send it off when I realized I could learn how to do it myself. Since I was blessed with the artistic talent to do so I did just that.
What started as a hobby painting helmets for friends and fellow BMW enthusiasts has become a full blown business. My favorite part about painting & attaching objects is that instant gratification when we step back and look at a finished helmet and can say, wow, we created that. The second best part of my job is when clients call me after they receive their new piece of wearable art and say how far their expectations were exceeded. Creating something tangible and getting feedback from our clients is the most rewarding part about this industry.

Satrap is not a huge company, in fact it is a very small operation. This is an advantage because I get to know each client personally and develop a friendship. I pour my heart and soul into each creation and I don’t send it out my door until it is perfect. Every job is treated as if I was doing it for myself.
There are more and more helmet painting companies popping up every month it seems from people who do it professionally to people who just dabble. What sets us apart from our opposition is the desire to collaborate with the client instead of trying to sell you on a certain design aesthetic or style we duplicate over and over. We want every single helmet to be different from the others we have done before and we want to push the envelope with materials that not many painters can pull off. Lastly we want to make sure every single piece of art that rolls out of our shop is as flawless as humanly possible, our dedication to our craft and overall quality are of the highest standard there is.