Parsa Dayyani

The Founder

Satrap mission

At Satrap , we take the word custom seriously, and a look through our gallery is evidence of this. Each helmet is unique, radiating the personality of its owner. As all artists do, we employ certain signature elements to convey the Censport brand, but we work these elements into a design that is a collaborative effort between client and artist, resulting in a finished lid that displays the individuality of the wearer and is truly one-of-a-kind.
We do not shy away from cutting edge techniques or materials. At Satrap, we continually strive for improvement and innovation and we welcome the ideas of the client as a helpful muse in the progression of our art. We don’t just want you to love your helmet; we want it to be a part of you. And we expect it to blow you away every time you see it.


    Thousands of working hours dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.


    Our designs are planned around the use of unique materials — from in-house chroming to hand-applied engine turned goldleaf, we make your helmet come alive.


    We take the time to ensure that the two dimensional design on paper transfers to the three dimensional helmet with accuracy and symmetry.


    Utilizing brights on darks to ensure that your lid is distinguishable from a distance.